Sam Taylor
Saxophone Lady


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Sam Taylor Saxophone Lady

Sam Taylor Saxophone Lady. Developed in the postwar era, Enka is a Japanese music genre, which was popular at one time. Considered to resemble traditional Japanese music stylistically, Enka is also a form of sentimental ballad music, presenting a unique sense of vicissitude among Japanese.

Similar topics are used in the lyric and title of Enka over and over again, such as ocean, liquor, tear, woman, rain, northern land, snow, separation and so on, in order to convey pathos and bitterness between lovers around these topics. Aiming to highlight special flavor and elegant demeanor of Enka, this album is performing with saxophone which is considered to be “the unparalleled romantic instrument”. Therefore, please fully Indulge yourself in the enchanting cooperation of saxophone and Enka.

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