Lindemann's Limetree Headphone

Lindemann’s Limetree Headphone


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Lindemann’s Limetree Headphone

The Limetree series is designed and manufactured in Germany by an expert team around Norbert Lindemann. Lindemann’s Limetree Headphone is the second element of this series. The first was the phono preamplifier.

• High-grade headphone amp which can also be used as an exquisite preamp.
• 3 switchable inputs, 1 line output e. g. for active loudspeakers.
• Current driven class-A circuitry for excellent sound.
• High-class analog volume control provided by MUSES 72320.
• Extremely clean power supply with <10 μV noise.


We have put a good deal of detail work into the circuit design. Very short signal paths, finest components and an extremely clean supply voltage make this amplifier what it really is: an essential tool for headphone freaks.

The analog volume control comes from the studio sector and is currently representing the measure of all things. It ensures a very high resolution and minimal losses with low-level signals.

The current amplification is provided by completely discrete „diamond“ buffers working in a non-feedback class-A mode. In terms of sound these are wonderfully agile and detailed and deliver very good dynamics values.

As power supply we use a “medical grade“ wall plug transformer which ensures a particularly good isolation from line disturbances. Together with the elaborated onboard filtering and special voltage regulators, we were able to realize an exceptionally low-noise power supply with a ripple voltage below 10 µV.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm


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